Jamieson Brothers Scotch Seed Potatoes

All our potatoes are supplied to us in 20 or 25kg sacks.  We weigh them all up in store, so you wont find any pre packs here!  This means that all our shelves are restocked as and when is needed. A member of staff will check the potatoes to ensure that any bad ones are discarded before they contaminate the rest. This is the best way of  making sure that only the best grade make it to the shop shelves and thus sold on to our customers.

All of our potatoes that are still to be weighed up are kept in our store room at a temperature range of 5-10*C.

We sell Pink Fir Apple in 1kg, 2.5kg & 5kg bags.

We sell all other varieties in 1kg, 3kg, 6kg & 25kg bags.