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All about Meerkats

The meerkat is a small member of the mongoose family. It is found in the Kalahari desert in Botswana and Namib desert in Namibia.

They are very social animals that live in large groups refereed to as ‘mobs’ which generally consist of 20-40 individuals. These mobs have a strict, matriarchal, dominance hierarchy with an ‘alpha’ system similar to that seen in dogs. Mobs are fiercely territorial.

Meerkats are much smaller than they would often appear to be on TV. When fully grown they stand at around 30 centimetres and will weigh 750 grams at most.

Do meerkats make good pets?

Meerkats can be very destructive. They may rip up carpets, tear curtains and burrow into sofas, there is also no guarantee that they will be tame. Even if they are affectionate towards the owner, they may attack friends and family  who visit their home. The daily care is very time consuming and can be very costly with heating, feeding and veterinary bills.


Lord was born in Manchester during March 2012. When old enough he moved out and journeyed south from Manchester to live in Stretham, Ely. While in Stretham he fathered a few babies with his previous girlfriend. After a few years their relationship came to an end and he was rejected by his own mob. Lord has since found love again with his current girlfriend Lady.


Lady was born at the animal experience centre in Stretham, Ely during march 2018. Her parents Pumba and Bradley still live at the centre, along with some other siblings. Now that she has come of age, she has left her parents mob to hopefully start a mob of her own with her first love Lord.

The animal experience centre kindly donated Lord and Lady to us on the 18th April 2019. Hopefully Lord and Lady will start a mob of their own in the not to distant future.