If you are having issues with pests then you should try our pest control products

We have a large range of products to keep almost any pest at bay.  We have pest control products for the following species.

  • Moles (sonic spikes, granules)
  • Mice & Rats (lethal & non lethal traps, poison, sonic repellers)
  • Cats & Dogs (sonic repellers, pepper dust, sprinklers)
  • Birds (spike strips, repeller ribbon)
  • Insects (sticky traps, chemical killers, non poisonous killers)
Most Common Winter Pests

You may think that the prevalence of pests is linked only to the long hot days of summer. Whilst it’s true that pests are more active in the summer months, particularly in the case of insects, there are plenty of winter pests that you should be on the lookout for.

Many rodents and insects hibernate when the temperature drops and your home or business can be a warm and cosy option for them. If there are any easy access points, pests will take advantage and build their nests in your attic or garage space, wall cavities and even in unused cupboards.

These rodents tend to enter homes and businesses in the winter due to the scarcity of natural food sources. If you have a tendency to store things like cereal and packets of biscuits on your worktops, be sure to look for holes nibbled in the sides before you get your snack! These opportunistic feeders will make short work of any food they have easy access to.

They can also prove to be very destructive. Both mice and rats have been known to gnaw through wires and other materials in your home that can reduce the structural integrity of your walls and plumbing system. Rat teeth are even stronger than human teeth and are capable of chewing through brick, concrete and even ½-inch thick sheet metal.