Keeping you warm throughout the Winter.

Flo Gas – We have just switched over to Flo Gas, this is now on offer with NO DEPOSIT required for each bottle until February 2020.

Coal – We have many varieties of Coal available. Please see a the list of what we have below:

  • 10kg house coal
  • 25kg house coal
  • Briquettes (3kg – 10kg)
  • Lumpwood (3kg – 10kg)
  • Lumpwood restraunt quality (15kg)
  • Softwood/Hardwood logs – we have a variety of logs available in store.
  • Kindling – We have kindling for sale which comes in around 4.5kg sacks.
  • Paraffin – We keep a large stock of 4.5 liter bottles of paraffin.


Our local delivery service also applies to all fuel products.