We have a very large range of both Ornamental and Non Ornamental pots available in store now.

We have them in various styles shapes and capacities:

  • Decorative pots, ranging from trellis hung small pots, to baskets, to large floor standing pots in a variety of colours and multiple colours there is literally too many to tell.
  •  Terracotta, small, large and everything in between.
  •  Wooden Barrels and Half Barrels, Natural and Dark Stained of varying sizes and diameters for the largest of plants and for a stylish decoration.
  •  Plastic, both black and terracotta coloured of many shapes and sizes.
  •  Peat pots, no need to take the plant out before planting.

To get the best idea of what we have available you should visit our store and check out what we have first hand. If you have any questions just give us a call.