• Use the Neurdorff LawnGrub Free Nematodes to deal with Chafer grubs and a variety of other garden pests.
  • They have a long life which don’t require refrigeration
  • These nematodes treat the following pests: White Grubs (May/June Beetles, European Chafer, Japanese Beetle and Masked Chafer), Bill Bugs, asparagus beetle, Ant larvae(repels only, does not kill), Bagworm, Berry root weevil, Borers(tree and vine), Carrot weevil, Citrus root weevil, Corn root worm, Cranberry root weevil, Flea(Adult), Flea beetle, Gall midge, Grape root borer, Iris borer, Scarabs, Sugarcane stalk borer, Termite(queen), Fungus gnats, Sweet potato weevil, Ticks and Cucumber beetle.
  • In general, treat when larvae are present and actively feeding, usually from April until late June and again in August through to September.
  • Apply with watering can or use a Neurdorff Nematode Applicator