We have a wide range of footwear and gloves in stock, suitable for any occasion.


We have gloves available to suit almost any condition, please see some of the varieties listed below:
  • Argon Thermal (for those cold nights and winter days)
  • Seedling (thin for purpose)
  • General Gardener (for the general gardener)
  • Comfi’s (for those who like a bit of extra comfort)
  • Gauntlet (for maximum protection)
  • Rigger (for added protection)
  • All Rounder (For every occurrence)
  • Water Resistant (for the wetter tasks)
  • PVC Dotted (for that little extra grip
Our footwear range has something for everyone.

We have many different styles available from plain colours to sparkly or pink. These are available in a range of sizes for children and adults.

We have the following varieties in stock:

  • Full length wellies
  • Short length wellies
  • Clogs
  • Boots