Fertilisers & Chemicals

We stock many of the top brands, Bayer, Doff, Scotts and many more.

Insecticides –  if its for prevention or cure we can cure many infestations that your garden can contract whether it is on edibles or just ornamental’s.

Weedkillers – from Roundup to SBK we stock something for pretty much everyone whether its the super strength concentrate or the ready to use spray guns we can get your lawn or driveway looking pristine.

Lawn Care – spring 4 in 1’s, autumn lawn food, lawn weedkiller, lawn food everything you need to keep your grass looking as stunning as always.

Ericaceous care – from food to drippers, acid based plants have a field day.

Root Builders – Bonemeal, Fish Blood and Bone, Roota just to give those freshly transplanted plants the best possible start.

Growth Hormone – ideal for starting cuttings.

Artificial Manure – smells a bit better than the organic version.