Heavy Duty or Ready Made?

We stock a large range of preformed and heavy duty pond liners. Our PVC pond liner is sold off the roll from 2m wide to 8m wide, whereas our Firestone Rubber comes prepacked in sizes varying from 2.4mx3.6m to 6.15mx5.49m.

– Our preformed ponds come in all shapes and sizes with capacities ranging from 81ltr to 450ltr.

– All our Firestone Rubber, and off the role PVC comes with a lifetime guarantee! 


How to Calculate Liner Size:

Maximum Depth x 2 + Maximum length = length of liner

Maximum Depth x 2 + Maximum Width = width of liner

For help calculating your pond volume, please contact us.


Pond Volume

In metric : length x width x average depth x 1000 = litres

In Imperial : length x width x average depth x 6.23 = gallons

Litres to gallons = 4.55 litres per gallon