Your Fish’s Number 1 Restaurant…

We stock a large range of foods to cater for most if not all fish and their eating habits, as well as the time of year. We stock 3 main brands, Tetra, NishiKoi and MediKoi.

– Our lines vary from top of the range Growth, Beauty and Staple food to your common variety pond sticks and flake at sizes from 100gms to 5kg.

– During winter months we keep well stocked on wheatgerm for when the cold finally takes hold. Wheatgerm is ideal for autumn feeding before fish cease feeding and also spring feeding when they come out of their winter fast.

Helpful Tip:

When making the switch from your fishes normal food to their autumn wheatgerm mix, do it gradually. Try adding 25% wheatgerm into their normal mix for a week or two.  Then 50% for another week, then 75% and finally 100% wheatgerm.  This gives your fish time to adjust to their new diet.  This slow change of diet can also be used to adjust your fish back from their early spring wheatgerm food to their normal summer food as well.

(More Helpful Tips will be posted as the weather and seasons change)