Bird Seeds & Peanuts

We have a large variety of seeds and peanuts all year round so you can keep all kind of wild birds fed. Some of the varieties we have are:

  • Premium grade wild bird mix (includes a large mixture of selected seeds)
  • Niger seeds
  • Black sunflower seeds
  • Peanuts 
  • Sunflower hearts

Bird Treats

We also have a wide variety of bird treats available if you feel like treating the birds to something other than seeds. This could include the following treats:

  • Suet Cakes
  • Suet Balls 
  • Nurturing Nuggets (contains Mealworm and peanuts)
  • Coconut halves (filled with Suet)
  • Suet Bites

These treats are usually packed with nutriunts so this makes them great treats for the birds.