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For The Home

We have a variety of products available in store for your home, please see the list of items we have below:

  • Pest control
  • Doormats
  • Solar lighting (outdoor)
  • Fuels (Gas, coal, hardwood logs, kindling)
  • Thermostats and weather stations

We offer free local delivery for our Fuels!



We have a large variety of fuels available to keep you warm this Winter. Gas, House Coal, Hardwood/Softwood logs, Kindling & Paraffin.


We have a new range of doormats in stock now!

Thermometers and Weather Stations

For the aspiring weather correspondent…
Wellies and gloves collection

Footwear And Gloves

We have a wide range of footwear and gloves available now. Full Size Wellies, Short Wellies, Boots, Clogs and Gloves suitable for any occasion.
Pest Control collection

Pest Control

We have a wide range of pest control products in stock to keep all of your household and garden pests at bay, lethal and non lethal options available.