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Artificial Grass

The low maintenance lawn….
Wheelbarrows 2


Much better than a barrow without the wheel.
Bamboo Canes

Canes And Stakes

You wouldn’t want medium/rare on this ‘Stake’…


you wont regret that you ‘Met’ these ‘posts’…

Aggregate (Building)

We’re no DJ but we certainly have the right Mix’s…
Small Slabs

Slabs, Edgings Copings and More

You wont get ‘Edgy’ with our Edgings…

Aggregate (Decorative)

This selection cannot be ‘slated’…
Bulk Rolls

Bulk Rolls (Netting, Fabric and Mesh)

Simply pick your width, decide your length and we will do the rest…
Fence Panels

Fencing and Timber

You wont get ‘board’ with our timber…

Growing Media & Bark Chips

Helping the plants grow and keeping the weeds down