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We have a wide range of aquatic products available in store and on our ebay shop. Some of the aquatics items we have include:

  • Aquatic chemicals
  • Aquatic plants
  • Hoses and fittings
  • Fish
  • Fish food
  • Liners and pre formed ponds
  • Pond and feature pumps


Hozelock Water Systems

Hozelock Water Systems

We have a wide variety of Hozelock watering systems available in store. We have everything from garden watering products to pressure sprayers.
Pre Formed Pond

Liners And Pre Formed Ponds

We have a selection of pond liners and preformed ponds in stock now. These are high quality and heavy duty, this is why they have a lifetime guarantee.

Aquatic Hose and Fittings

For those loose connections…
Aquatic Chemicals

Aquatic Chemicals

Everything to keep your pond in tip top condition…
Fish food

Fish Food

Your Fish’s Number 1 Restaurant…
Pond Plant

Aquatic Plants

Marginals, Lillies, Oxygenators, and more
feature pumps

Pond And Feature Pumps

We know that everyone has a unique pond and therefore a unique requirement we tailor to meet those needs:
Our Koi

Pond Fish

Here at Downham Garden Centre we offer a wide range of beautiful pond fish.