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Animal Care

Animal care is very important to us and we pride ourselves on only selling the highest quality products on the market. We currently have stock of:

  • Tortoise Care Equipment and Supplements
  • Frozen Meat Blocks
  • Insect and Wildlife Houses
  • Bird Seeds
  • Bird Tables and Bird Houses
  • Feeders and Feeding Stations
  • Suet and Treats

If you have any questions about our Animal Care products please don’t hesitate to ask!



Come and see our Meerkats Lord and Lady, we’re open 7 days a week!

Everything Tortoise

For all of your Tortoise care needs, we now have everything from Basking Lamps to supplements!
Insect and wildlife houses collection

Insect and Wildlife Houses

Insect and Wildlife Houses, we have homes for: Bees, Hedgehogs, Mice, Rats, Ladybirds, Bats and many more species.
frozen meat blocks

Frozen Meat Blocks

We have 100% natural Frozen Meat Blocks in stock.
Bird Table & houses collection

Bird Tables and Bird Houses

We have a beautiful range of high quality, well built bird tables and bird houses available in store now. Look after the birds this winter!
bird feeders collection

Bird Feeders and Feeding Stations

The bird’s favourite drive through…
Bird Seeds

Bird Seeds & Treats

We have lots of lovely bird seeds and treats available in store now!