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Fleece Jackets

The plants wish they could sit in front of the fire, this is the next best thing…

When the winter months come around, lots of plants fall casualty to the frost and the snow, with our winter plant care range you can stave off the coldness and enjoy plants further into the year.


Bulk Roll Fleece – Sold by the metre, the cheapest way to buy it provides protection against frost and cold snaps

Pre-Made Fleece Jackets – Sold in packets simply slip over plant or shrub for protection

Greenhouse Heaters – Provides heat in the greenhouse for the months when the sun isnt quite enough.

Cable Soil Warmers – Heats soil to prevent freezing and frost.

Winter Tree Wash – Destroys all insect eggs and larvae based on the tree.

Greasebands – stops insects using the tree trunk as a means for accessing the tree canopy.