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You wont get ‘Edgy’ with our Edgings…

Boasting a wide range of slabs in 2 distinct qualities, Bradstone Economy Range, and the Lewis Premium Range, whether you are just propping up a water butt or extending your patio we can provide the slab for you.


Bradstone Economy: (all measurements in mm)

400×400 Smooth (Grey or buff)

450×450 Smooth (Grey, buff or red)

450×450 Riven (Grey, buff or red)

450×450 Textured

600×600 Smooth (Grey, buff or red)

600×600 Riven (Grey, buff or red)

Lewis Premium: (All measurements in mm)

610×610 Smooth (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

610×458  Smooth (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

610×305  Smooth (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

305×305 Smooth (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

458×458 Smooth (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

458×305 Smooth (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

458×229 Smooth (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

229×229 Smooth (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

915×610 Smooth (Grey) (50mm thick)






600×600 Riven (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

600×450 Riven (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

600×300 Riven (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

300×300 Riven (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

450×450 Riven (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

450×225 Riven (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

225×225 Riven (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)


457 Log Pattern Stepping Stone (Grey and buff)

300 Log Pattern Stepping Stone (Grey and buff)

457 Riven Stepping Stone (Grey and buff)

300 Riven Stepping Stone (Grey and buf)

381 Smooth Stepping Stone (Grey and buff)

300 Smooth Stepping Stone (Grey and buff)



533×533 Pier cap

419×419 Pier cap

381×381 Pier cap

300×300 Pier cap

229×229 Pier cap

600 Rotunda Central Stone (Grey and buff)

600 Dia Circle (4 Stones) (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

1200 Dia Circle (12 Stones) (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

1800 Dia Circle (20 Stones) (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

2600 Dia Circle (20 Stones) (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)

3500 Dia Circle (20 Stones) (Grey and buff) (38mm thick)


914×150 Round top edging (Grey and buff) Corners available 

914×150 Flat top edging (grey and buff) Corners available

610×114 Scalloped edging (grey and buff) 

584×150 Ropetwist edging (grey and buff) Corners available 

914×229 Round top edging (grey and buff) 


600×140 Single brick wall coping (Straight and Corners)

600×178 Single brick wall coping (Straight and Corners)

600×25 Double brick wall coping (Straight and Corners)