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First Earlies:

– Arran Pilot

– Casablanca

– Epicure

– Foremost

– Home Guard

– International Kidney (Jersey Royal) (s)

– Lady Christl

– Maris Bard

– Pentland Javelin

– Premiere

– Red Duke Of York

– Rocket

– Sharpes Express

– Swift

– Ulster Sceptre

– Winston

Second Earlies

-Carlingford (s) (c)

– Charlotte (s)

– Estima

– Kestrel

– Marfona

– Maris Peer (c)

– Nadine

– Nicola (s)

– Wilja

Main Crop

– Cara

– Desiree

– Golden Wonder

– Harlequin (s)

– King Edward

– Maris Piper

– Orla

– Picasso

– Pink Fir Apple (s)

– Valor

Jamieson Brothers Scotch Seed Potatoes

Our seed Potatoes are now in store!

All our potatoes are supplied to us in 20 or 25kg sacks.  We weigh up all our potatoes in store, so you wont find any pre packs here!  This means that all our shelves are restocked as and when is needed. Any bad potatoes are discarded before they contaminate the rest, ensuring only the best grade make it to the shop shelves and thus sold on to our customers.
All our potatoes that are still to be weighed up are kept in our store room at a temperature range of 5-10*C.

We sell Harlequin & Pink Fir Apple in 1kg, 2.5kg & 5kg bags.

All other varieties listed below are sold in 1kg, 3kg, 6kg & 25kg bags.

(s) = Salad Variety

(c) = Can be used as a 2nd cropping variety and planted in early August for harvesting near Christmas.

Arran Cairn
Red King Edward