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Plant supports stand

When it needs a little support…

A truly massive range of plant supports of all shapes and sizes, truly a must see for any plant enthusiast, from Lock & Link to All Round Support Frames no matter the plant we can accommodate.


All Round Support Frame – [30cmx46cm] [41cmx61cm] [51cmx76cm]

Fill-it Stakes – [30cmx30cm] [40cmx40cm] [50cmx40cm] [50cmx50cm][75cmx40cm] [100cmx50cm]

Just Stakes – [51cm] [76cm] [117cm]

Lock & Link – [30cmx18cm] [45cmx25cm] [50cmx25cm] [60cmx40cm][75cmx25cm] [75cmx40cm] [90cmx25cm] [100cmx40cm]


Bamboo Canes – [3ft/0.9m] [4ft/1.2m] [5ft/1.5m] [6ft/1.8m] [7ft/2.1m] [8ft/2.4m]


Plastic Coated Metal Stakes – [2ft/0.6m] [3ft/0.9m] [4ft/1.2m] [5ft/1.5m] [6ft/1.8m] [7ft/2.1m] [8ft/2.4m]


Climbing Plant Support (cut from bulk roll) – 0.5m wide or 1m wide