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GreenEdge Lawn Repair Sticks

lawn repair sticks

GreenEdge Lawn Repair Sticks have been developed for easy and sustainable seeding of grass and lawns.

No preparation or tools required

100% natural ingredients

Help to ensure successful germination

Ideal for repairing grass damaged by your pet’s urine

Benefits of using Lawn Repair Sticks:

  • Water-storing protective matrix made from clay and starch
  • Reliable germination, even in dry spells
  • Weighted for maximum soil contact and improved germination
  • Rapid germination
  • High-quality mix
  • Formulated to avoid being eaten by insects or birds
lawn repair sticks 3


  • 20%  Lolium perenne  VULCANUS
  • 15%  Festuca rubra trich  LIBANO
  • 40%  Festuca rubra rubra  JASPERINA 
  • 25%  Festuca rubra com  MISSION


lawn repair sticks 4

Application Instructions:

• Remove leaves and other debris covering the area of lawn that will be treated.
• For best results seed between April and September.
• Distribute the sticks evenly onto the target area.
• Careful watering is essential and in the first three days take care to ensure the soil is kept moist. The soil surface should not be allowed to dry out and, during dry periods, watering up to five times a day for ten minutes will support successful germination. In correct English, numbers one to ten are written in full and 11 and above are written numerically. You can, of course, choose to ignore this in order for the numbers to have more visual impact.
• The number of seeds required will depend on how many patches there in the lawn. In most cases, 30-70 g/sqm is recommended.