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Fruit trees

These should be the Fruits of your labour…

With a massive outdoor sales area we have plenty of room for an abundance of fruit trees and bushes. with varieties of early, mid and late season harvesting in almost all of our fruits.


– Apple (Granny Smith, Crispin, Spartan, Gala, Jonagold and more).

– Pear (Conference, William Bon Chertien, Beth, Concorde and more).

– Cherry

– Peach

– Plums (Victoria, Opal)

– Gage

– Damson

– Apricot

Р Fig

– Nectarine

– Quince



– Blackberry (Oregon Thomless) , Blueberry (Bluecrop, Bluejay, Duke, Berkeley, Herbert and Jersey)

– Black Currant (Ben Alder, Ben Nevis, Ben Sarek, Titania, Wellington XXX), Red Currant (Jonkheer Van Tets, Junifer, Rolan, Rondom), White Currant.

– Gooseberry (Careless, Hinnonmaki Green, Hinnonmaki Red, Hinnonmaki Yellow, Invicta, Jubilee).

– Loganberry

– Tayberry

– Strawberry

– Raspberry Canes (Autumn Bliss, Malling Jewel)

– Grape Vines