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If the shoe fits…

we stock a massive range of gardening gloves and footwear for almost every occasion whether you are getting rid of that troublesome bramble bush at the end of your garden and need something tough or whether you are planting seeds and need something a little more dexterous we can supply it.



Argon Thermal (for those cold nights and winter days)

Seedling (thin for purpose)

General Gardener (for the general gardener)

Comfi’s (for those who like a bit of extra comfort)

Gauntlet (for maximum protection)

Rigger (for added protection)

All Rounder (For every occurrence)

Water Resistant (for the wetter tasks)

PVC Dotted (for that little extra grip)

and many more!




we stock a wide range of sizes in both children’ s and adult wellies. A massive range of styles make them ideal for adults and children of all ages.


For those that are not a welly person we also have a large assortment of clogs in various sizes.


And for those that are not a fan of either we also stock Briars Stardust Ankle Boots these really are something special.