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Fence Panels
Timber Care

You wont get ‘board’ with our timber…

Fencing Panels:

1.8mx1.8m Lap
1.8mx1.5m Lap

1.8mx1.2m Lap

1.8mx0.9m Lap

1.8mx1.8m Featheredge

1.8mx1.5m Featheredge

1.8mx1.2m Featheredge

1.8mx0.9m Featheredge


1.8mx1.8m Heavy Duty

1.8mx1.5m Heavy Duty

1.8mx1.2m Heavy Duty

1.8mx0.9m Heavy Duty

1.8mx0.6m Heavy Duty

1.8mx0.3m Heavy Duty

1.8mx1.78m Dome

1.8mx0.86m Dome

1.8mx0.56m Bow and Dome

0.3m Alderly

0.3m Elite

Fencing Posts:

2.4mx100mmx100mm Pressure Treated

2.1mx100mmx100mm Pressure Treated

1.8mx100mmx100mm Pressure Treated

2.7mx75mmx75mm Pressure Treated

2.4mx75mmx75mm Pressure Treated

2.1mx75mmx75mm Pressure Treated

1.8mx75mmx75mm Pressure Treated

1.5mx75mmx75mm Pressure Treated

2.4mx50mmx50mm Pressure Treated

1.8mx50mmx50mm Pressure Treated

2.7m Concrete Slotted

2.4m Concrete Slotted

2.1m Concrete Slotted

1.8m Concrete Slotted

1.5m Concrete Slotted

Gravel Boards:

1.8mx150mm Timber
1.8mx150mm Concrete

Railway Sleepers:


Log Edging:

1.8mx300mm Log Roll
1.8mx225mm Log Roll

1.8mx150mm Log Roll

1mx300mm Log Board

1mx150mm Log Board

Picket fencing available in various styles in both green and brown.

Garden Gates also availble in varying styles and sizes.