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These Enigma Ornaments are made using crushed marble and high quality resin to achieve an Italian alabaster finishAll Enigma products are frost-resistant and are suitable for outdoor and indoor display. We have such a vast range of Enigma products in store, from Birdbaths to Mythological statues, they are definitely worth a first hand look.




Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Cup bearer to the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus, she had the happy knack of dispensing eternal youth. 

Often portrayed offering a cup to her father who is disguised as an eagle, this delightful statue perfectly depicts such a famed mythical figure. Crafted from fine crushed marble to which high quality resin has been added, this results in a smooth white alabaster style finish that has a beautifully detailed and highly desirable appearance. 

This is the smallest Hebe statue, perfect for a compact garden, terrace, or balcony, adding interest as well as beauty throughout the year.



Isabella walks swiftly across your lawn with baskets ready to be filled with wine or grapes – such a memorable piece of ornamentation from Enigma. 

Flowing robes gather up and cling to her full figure that’s finely depicted in hand finished alabaster white mable which is smooth to the touch. 

This remarkable focal point for your garden can be displayed throughout the year as it is weather resistant, and will gain admiring glances whatever the season.



Sophia sits huddled on the edge of your garden with her head resting on upbent knees, she looks contented, perhaps enjoying the sunshine. 

The smile on Sophia’s face is as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa’s. We are not at all sure what she is thinking and the reason will remain so for as long as the statue survives. Beautifully composed and expertly crafted, this is statuary of the highest quality. 

The finish, smooth to the touch and alabaster white, complements the subject superbly.This really is a terrific piece, full of both meaning and beauty.


You may want this delightful statue of Hebe in your garden since she has the gift of eternal youth. Or it might be the superb craftsmanship that will enhance any location.

Whatever the reason is for your decision, there’s no doubt that this Enigma statue is a superb representation of the daughter of Zeus.

Hebe is portrayed in clinging robes, either dispensing nectar and ambrosia to the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, or as popularly depicted carrying a cup from which her father, disguised as an eagle, can drink.



Difficult to spell but easy to admire, Vergogna Phryne is a delightful statue that takes its inspiration from a Jean-Leon Gerome painting depicting a real life event. 

The subject, whose real name was Mnēsarétē, was charged with blasphemy in ancient Greece but was acquitted after it was decided that someone so beautiful could not possibly commit such an offence. 

We think that you would heartily agree with that judgement, since the craftsmanship on show has superbly replicated her lovely form and serene poise that can easily be appreciated through the slender robes that drape her figure.



This beautiful Ornament is constructed in resin and crushed marble and hand finish to a very high quality. It would look beautiful in a traditional garden, lawn or patio, creating a wonderful focal point.



These high quality granite resin garden bird baths are beautiful and elegant works of art.

Suitable for garden, commercial and residential building places. The designs are large, impressive garden features made from granite resin to enable big statement pieces whilst keeping their weight manageable.

The granite resin is durable and strong, withstanding all weather conditions.



Vergogna Phryne is an unusual name, taken from a Jean-Leon Gerome painting, and this charming statue certainly has fine qualities that you wouldn’t find in many other works. 

Mnēsarétē is the subject’s real identity, the story goes that after being charged with the offence of blasphemy she convinced the judges that no-one with her beauty could be guilty of such an indiscretion.

There’s certainly no doubt that the craftsmanship on show clearly displays her enviable good looks, with a diaphanous robe clinging to her slender figure which is seductively posed. 

A bronzed finish emphasizes the detail that is apparent in this marvelous figure.



This Koi Fish Planter  planter is a stunning garden ornament, it would make a perfect focal point in your garden.  With a tail fin flipped up, scales prominently detailed and an open mouthed expression, the planter will look perfect next to a pond, particularly if you keep koi.

Modeled from high quality materials with a smooth granite grey finish, this Koi fish planter is weather resistant and can be left outdoors all year round.