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Bulk Rolls

Simply pick your width, decide your length and we will do the rest…


We offer a wide selection of fabrics, netting and mesh fresh from the bulk roll, simply pick the width you desire, decide on the length and let us do the rest, it really is that simple!


15mm Garden Mesh – 2m Wide

Basket Liner – 0.6m and 1m Wide

Capillary Matting – 0.53m Wide

Climbing Plant Support – 0.5m and 1m Wide

Fine Shading – 0.66m and 1m Wide

Fleece – 1.5m and 2m Wide

Heavy Knitted Net – 2m, 4m and 8m Wide

Landscape Fabric – 1.5m and 2m Wide

Mypex Weed Suppressant – 1m and 2m Wide

Pea and Bean Net – 2m Wide

Pond and Fruit Cage Net – 2m Wide

Protective Sheeting (Polyethene) – [Clear – 2m and 4m Wide] [Black – 2m Wide]