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For all your garden improvement needs we stock a massive range of decorative aggregate specifically for enhancing the colour and design of your garden. All aggregates come in Bulk Bags which is the cheapest way to buy them, most also come with a multiple bag rate.


Alpine Gold (6mm)

Arctic White (10mm)

Scottish Cobbles (50mm-100mm)

Scottish Pebbles (20mm-30mm)

Gold Coast (10mm and 20mm)

Shingle Beach (10mm)

Cotswold (13mm-20mm)

Green Slate (20mm and 40mm)

Blue Slate (20mm and 40mm)

Plum Slate (20mm and 40mm)

Berwyn Green (14mm-16mm)

Terracotta (5mm-14mm)

Ivory (5mm-15mm)

Silver Ice (20mm)

Flamingo (20mm)

Red Granite (14mm)

Buff Limestone (6mm-14mm)

Grey Limestone (6mm-14mm)

Washed Gravel (10mm and 20mm)

Black Ice (20mm)