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Downham Garden Centre is a family owned and run business, which was established by John Emmerson in 1970.

It is currently run by Simon Emmerson along with his staff  Carl, David, Amy, Ollie & George.

The Garden Centre features a massive canopy and plants area to the rear of the building, which houses a wide range of plants, garden tools, hard landscaping equipment, pond fish, aquatic plants and much much more – everything you need for your garden.

There’s plenty of choice, from a  large range of pots, ornaments and BBQs, to garden furniture and patio accessories. If we don’t have the item you’re looking for, we will always try and get it for you, just ask!

Featured Categories

1080300 Seville Lantern - Insitu Day - High Res

Solar Lighting

Lighting using the power of the sun.

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Fruit trees

Fruit Trees And Bushes

These should be the Fruits of your labour…

View Fruit Trees And Bushes
Pest Control

Pest Control

Helping you to get rid of problems in your garden

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Decking Furniture

Furniture, Ornaments & BBQ’s

Comfort for the garden or patio and a full range of BBQs to suit everyone

View Furniture, Ornaments & BBQ’s